GreenCycle is your environmentally responsible recycling solution for empty ink and toner cartridges while helping you earn top dollar.  GreenCycle is paying maximum market value for cartridges with a direct rapid payment program to get your money in your hands as soon as possible!

How it Works

  1. CREATE AN ACCOUNT - It's quick and easy. Become a member to our site and start earning cash for your empty cartridges today.
  2. COLLECT AND SEND BACK YOUR EMPTY CARTRIDGES. Simply collect your customers’ empty cartridges and place them in a sturdy box. Download a prepaid shipping label, tape it to your box, and give it to your UPS driver, or take it to a UPS drop off facility.
  3. GET PAID. Just return those empties and get cash back for them. It's that easy.

Why Recycle

  • Did you know? Over 350 million cartridges are thrown into our landfills annually. That’s over 29 million cartridges a month.
  • Each discarded laser cartridge adds approximately 3.4 pounds of metal and plastic waste to our landfills - waste that will take as long as 1,000 years to decompose.
  • More than 3 quarts of oil are used to produce each laser cartridge. The plastic used in each printer cartridge takes more than 10 centuries (that's 1000 years!) to decompose.
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